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3F Web Hosting

You may not have heard of us before today. We don't invest in expensive marketing campaigns featuring models in bikinis that our customers pay for! In fact, we don't have expensive marketing campaigns at all.  Instead, we pass the savings on to our customers so we can offer personalized, reliable and professional web hosting services at prices lower than our competitors'.

We have been providing the most reliable and affordable web hosting for individuals and small businesses in the United States for over 7 years with no hidden gimmicks, no rate changes after 30 days (a common gimmick.) We have 17 facilities in 13 states connected through a top of the line infrastructure and work with local businesses to improve their online presence with our affordable high-quality services.

 FirstSecondThird (Best Value!)FourthUltimate
  $4.99/month $9.99/month $24.99/month $49.99/month $99.99/month
   Budget option for personal or small business site.  Introduces mailboxes and the peace of mind of nightly backups.  Introduces more site management options and Geo-Redundancy across 17 locations.  Introduces 1GB mailboxes and an assortment of modules for your site.  This is our ultimate business package. It introduces business apps and full 24 hour support.
Credit Card Required
No No No No No
Annual Contract No No No No No
 Real-Time Analytics  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Uptime Guarantee
99% 99% 100% 100% 100%
 CMS  Wordpress  Wordpress  Any  Any  Any
 3F Site Builder  -  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Mailboxes  -  5, 100MB Each  5, 100MB Each  20, 1GB Each  20, 1GB Each
Web Mail
- Yes Yes Yes Yes
- Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Spam Email  - Yes Yes Yes Yes
- Yes Yes Yes Yes
- - Yes Yes Yes
Manage Yourself
- - Yes Yes Yes
- - - Yes Yes
 Site Back-up  -  Nightly Real-Time Geo-Redundancy
(across 17 locations)
 Real-Time Geo-Redundancy
(across 17 locations)
 Real-Time Geo-Redundancy
(across 17 locations)
eCommerce - - Yes Yes Yes
10 User Web Project Manager App - - Yes Yes Yes
 eCommerce  -  -  -  Yes  Yes
Forum Engine - - - Yes Yes
 Optional Business Apps  -  -  -  -  Yes
 Support for Video Hosting  -  -  -  -  Yes
 Support for DB Hosting  -  -  -  -  Yes
 Cloud Server for Mobile Apps  -  -  -  -  Yes
 Support for Custom Features  - -  -  -  Yes
 Content Changes for you over phone.  $25hr  $25hr  $25hr  $25hr  $25hr
 SEO Work  $95hr  $95hr  $95hr  $95hr  $95hr
 Domain Transfer  Cost  Cost  Cost  Cost  Cost

We would enjoy the opportunity to work with you and earn your business! 7 years strong and growing!

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